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Specialist Brushes for Steam Engine Cleaning

Energy production and use have advanced beyond imagination for those who first saw the first steam-powered engines of the industrial revolution. For them, the sight and explanation of nuclear plants would be as wondrous as our far-off ancestors seeing a jumbo jet.

However, this is not to say that steam-powered engines are obsolete. Indeed, they are still used in a variety of applications. Steam powered trains are still being utilised throughout the world. Some boats, especially those that can be found on canals and those used for many leisure and heritage rides, still use steam-powered engines. There are even some who are calling for the return of steam engines over diesel.

Keep It Pristine

Over 80% of the world’s electricity is produced by steam turbine generating plants, which are speciality pieces of equipment and deserve to be looked after – and that means keeping them clean. A steam engine can be powered by burning coal and, of course, this leads to a lot of soot and dirt building up. Dirt and dust can build up in the smoke box but can also accumulate in the flue. You’ll need the right equipment and materials to keep these engines clean and running the way they should.

The Right Tools

Here at The Speedy Brush Company, we carry a range of steam engine brushes that clean boiler tubes of various steam engine sizes. Our specially designed brushes are available in a wide selection of lengths and diameters to ensure you get optimal cleaning for your steam engine. We also have kits that include brushes of different sizes, making sure you get the solution you need.

Though we have a broad range of sizes to choose from, we do understand that sometimes people have very specialised equipment that doesn’t quite match with the sizes available. In these cases, a large enough order will enable us to create bespoke brush sizes for any piece of equipment you have. Feel free to give us a call so we can discuss your options.

Advantages of a Clean Steam Engine

Cleaning the steam engine offers several benefits:

  • Finding the Source of Leakage

One of the more apparent benefits of cleaning a steam engine is knowing where leaks are coming from. This way, you can isolate the issue and have it repaired before it becomes a more serious problem.

  • Easy Reach

Our brushes are available in a variety of lengths, which means you can reach into the fire tube from the firebox to the smokebox, making sure you get into the furthest parts of the engine.

  • Regular Maintenance Checks

Steam engines need regular maintenance checks as a clean engine is a must.  A regular program of brushing soot and other loose particles from the pipes and tubes should keep the steam engine running efficiently for many years.

About The Speedy Brush Company

The Speedy Brush Company has been designing and manufacturing twisted-in-wire cleaning brushes in the UK since 1951. Our exceptional attention to detail, excellent customer service and desire to remain at the forefront of technological advances all play a big part in our success.

Order from us today and keep your engines clean at all times. Get in touch with us on 01622 747299.

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