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The Many Uses of Twisted-In-Wire Brushes

Twisted-in-wire brushes are used in a variety of industries because of their efficiency and versatility. Their versatility is due to their flexible customisable design and inexpensive production.

At Speedy Brush, we use reliable machinery to produce twisted-in-wire brushes to various specifications, ranging from small 10 millimetre-diameter brushes to larger brushes of over 200 millimetres in diameter. Each type of brush is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Cleaning brushBottle brushes

One of our best-selling brushes is the bottle brush. It is used for a vast array of tasks but these days not used as much for bottles.  Because of the way the brush is designed it can get into all the nooks and crannies that other equipment just can’t reach.  We have a wide range of customers from the hotel and catering sectors to the manufacture and servicing of musical instruments.

We take away the stress of cleaning tubes, pipes and a vast array of manufacturing equipment by designing durable twisted-in-wire brushes that ensure longevity and high performance. Our brushes have bristles made of nylon or polypropylene. This enables the brush to maintain its quality even with daily and rigorous usage.

View our Bottle Brushes here.

cavity insulation brushMaintaining the Integrity of Cavity Insulation

Our cavity wall insulation brushes are used by Cavity Wall insulation firms to prepare the property for the cavity wall insulation material.  Cavity wall insulation brushes are also used to prevent dust migration during partial demolition.

Cavity wall brushes are designed to contain the insulation and hold it in place after the installation is completed. The use of cavity wall brushes also prevents poor and uneven filling of insulation in the voids or cavity.

View our Cavity Wall Brushes here.

laboratory brushCrucial Cleanliness in the Laboratory

Cleaning laboratory vessels requires tools and manoeuvres that do not scratch or damage the surface of the equipment.  Our brushes are used by a wide variety of industries dispensing machinery, the manufacture of medical equipment and various laboratories.

Speedy Brush have a line of laboratory brushes manufactured in a variety of filament textures, a range of diameters, lengths and wire strengths to match your specific laboratory needs. Our customers have used our laboratory brushes for a variety of laboratory equipment, examples include Erlenmeyer flasks, centrifuge tubes, burettes and cylinders.

View our Lab Equipment Brushes here.

Food Processing brushVersatile Brushes for the Food Processing Industry

We have many customers in the food sector who process a wide variety of food such as crops, meat and fish; liquids from milk and water to whisky. Our brushes are also used in processing coffee beans and in machines used to produce pizza dough, pasta and bread. Other brushes are used to aid manufacturers of spices, sauces condiments and chutneys. To cater to these sectors, Speedy Brush has designed a range of food processing brushes that are not only for cleaning but also for helping in sorting or guiding machinery.

At Speedy Brush our extensive assortment of food processing brushes starts with eight-millimetre diameter brushes to make sure that we have a specific brush ideal for certain tasks and requirements. All of our brushes come in economical handy single size packs or three types of variety packs, but we are happy to produce larger quantities that can be manufactured to your exact specifications.

View our Food Processing Brushes here. Or call to discuss your bespoke requirements on 01622 747299

Aviation brushBrushes for the Aviation, Automotive and Steam Engine Industries

Speedy Brush stock a range of larger brushes specifically designed for working with bigger equipment and machinery, our brushes are in use in the aviation, automotive, wind farm, fabrication, engineering, air conditioning and steam engine industries.

For the aviation industry, our brushes can be used for assembling airliner wings, cleaning service machinery and the engine gallery and servicing the lavatory among many other uses.

View our Aviation Brushes here.

For the automotive industry, we have a range of fine brushes that are effective in removing dust, grit and other unsightly particles from critical machine parts without causing damage. We also have a range of coarse brushes ideal for cleaning difficult areas and removing tough grime and grease.

View our Automotive Brushes here.

For steam engines, Speedy Brush has specifically designed products to efficiently clean boiler tubes and full-sized steam engines and trains. Our brushes can withstand heat and can be used in cleaning steam engine flues, fire tubes, fireboxes and smoke boxes.

View our Steam Engine Brushes here.

Water-filtration-brushes-300x229Special Range of Brushes for Air and Water Filtration

We have a special range of brushes for the air and water filtration sector. Our Black Knight range is a market leading range of twisted-in-wire brushes for residential pond filtration, residential and public aquariums, commercial hatcheries, water treatment facilities and HVAC systems.

Our Black Knight filter brushes have several advantages over other filter brushes in the market. They are guaranteed to provide years of long-term service, effectively cutting down the expenses on brush replacements. They cost less than any other filtration method that can perform at the same level of efficiency.

Black Knight filter brushes are made of non-toxic materials to keep water and air safe for humans and animals. They provide a massive surface area that is ideal for biological immigration and colonisation.

Our Black Knight filter brushes can also be used by enthusiasts and hobbyists. The Black Knight range covers brushes ideal for cleaning and making architectural models, small mechanical parts and filters.

View our Brushes for Air and Water Filtration here. 

Brush assortmentBespoke Brushes for Specific Requirements

For a minimum order value of £100 plus value-added tax, Speedy Brush offers bespoke twisted-in-wire brushes. While our shop already carries a large selection of stock brushes that you can try, we can customise to your specific requirements.

Feel free to view the gallery section for our existing collection of bespoke handle and brush end options.

All of our twisted-in-wire brushes are designed, manufactured and dispatched from our purpose-built brush factory in the UK.

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